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Date of publication: 2017-09-05 17:32

Montessori researchers, Mary Boehnlein and John Chattin-McNichols, have suggested several obstacles that have hindered the implementation of more definitive studies ( Public School Montessorian , Volume 7/Number 7, Winter, 6995, ):
Shared Definitions Are a Prerequisite for Research. What is an 8766 Authentic Montessori 8775 classroom? There is no universally accepted definition. It is not clear whether the program called 8775 Montessori 8776 in one study is identical, or even similar, to programs elsewhere.

Research - Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Bruner Constructivism - One of the founding fathers of constructivist theory was Jerome Bruner, a member of the Department of Psychology at Harvard University.

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Looking Back, Looking Forward: How the Economic Downturn Continues to Impact School Districts
This study, released in March 7559, reports that school administrators are being forced to make significant cuts in 7559-65 school budgets.

Early Intervention for Children With Autism Spectrum

Pedagogical Theory and Education - Pedagogical Theory and Education research papers analyze the trends and theory behind the approaches to teaching used in the public education system.

Affirmative Action - Although many Americans will not consciously admit that affirmative actions laws were instituted to help advance minorities (especially African Americans), the reality is that American history, up to and including the debate over affirmative action, has always contended the topic of race.

The results from the survey demonstrate that districts are working with limited resources to implement the new, more rigorous standards, despite technology deficits, a dearth of quality professional development materials for school personnel and a challenging national debate. These results reinforce the AASA position that the standards will be a positive change, if districts are given the necessary time and funding to properly implement the new standards and assessments. 

Schools in America are a Microcosm of Cultures - Schools in America are a Microcosm of Cultures research papers delve into an example of an order placed for a research paper to compare preconceptions to research.

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Access to parks increases one's level of physical activity, therefore parks are an important destination that should be easily accessible to all advocates. This report explores the obstacles limiting walkability to parks and identify the essential elements of a safe route to a park. Additionally, this report assesses the barriers to walkability, determines the key stakeholders responsible for creating safe routes to parks, identifies strategies on building awareness on the importance of walkability, and recognizes current initiatives on improving safe routes to parks. Download Safe Routes to Parks: Improving Access to Parks through Walkability.

The results of the six-year follow-up study demonstrated that the group with four years of Montessori education, including preschool and elementary school, scored best on all seven variables of the third grade level Metropolitan Achievement Test. The purpose of this nine-year follow-up study was to investigate whether these positive effects were maintained up to sixth grade level. The study showed that children who had attended Montessori preschool scored higher on subtests of the Metropolitan Achievement Test administered at sixth grade level than did those children who had had Head Start or no preschool.

Education of Special Needs Students - Educating Children with Special Needs research papers examine the programs and theories, such as inclusion classrooms, for educating special needs children.

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