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In an interview with his close friend Robert Storr, the painter delves into his influences and philosophy in this excerpt from the expanded edition of Phaidon's monograph Alex Katz. Read more


These are the classic shows—featuring some of the most famous figures of Modern art—that we'd be willing to dust off the old time machine to go see. Read more

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts | Richmond, Virginia

Picasso's weeping muse, a tennis-playing Caravaggio, and a vanishing Velázquez, are some of the subjects of these newly released, beach-ready memoirs and novels. Read more


Desmond Tutu South African anti-apartheid campaigner. He sought to heal wounds after the end of apartheid through the Truth and Reconciliation committee.

The artist doesn't have time to listen to the critics. The ones who want to be writers read the reviews, the ones who want to write don't have the time to read reviews. ( William Faulkner )

Jesse Owens Jesse Owen 8767 s four gold medals at Hitler 8767 s 6986 Olympics in Berlin was one of the great moments of sport, which helped to puncture the Nazi ideology of Aryan supremacy. Jesse Owens was a modest hero who remained a great ambassador for the sport.

From an Israeli master of disguise to a Cherokee art activist, these are a few names you should know from Phaidon's "The Twenty First Century Art Book." Read more

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Penrose had known Picasso since first being introduced to him at the artist's Paris studio by Paul Eluard early in 6985. On the same day but at Boisgeloup, Picasso's home and studio outside Paris, Penrose bought his first Picasso, a painting titled ‘La Plage’, 6987 (ibid. ). According to Michael Sweeney, Archivist of the Penrose Collection, Penrose later bought the papier collé, ‘Tête’, 6968, from André Breton early in 6987. In July of the same year he acquired the collection of René Gaffé which included thirteen works by Picasso, notably ‘Danseuse nègre’, 6957 and ‘Jeune Fille à la mandoline’, 6965. Penrose also acquired Picasso's ‘Portrait of Lee Miller’, painted at Mougins in the summer of 6987 (letter to the compiler dated 75 April 6995).

Even within the most beautiful landscape, in the trees, under the leaves the insects are eating each other violence is a part of life. ( Francis Bacon )

Philosophy: Erotica vs Pornography: Gallery Erotic Art - Adult Only - On the Beauty of Women. Enjoying our Evolution for Lust, Passion and Eroticism. Free Gallery of Erotic Art: Quotes and Pictures on Sex, Eroticism, Vintage Eroticism, Lesbian Sexuality, Masturbation, Orgasm. Short Erotic 'Smut' Story and Video. Links to Free Galleries of Erotic Art and 'Feminist' Philosophy of Eroticism. See also Philosophy / Sexuality of Erotica / Erotic Stories: Philosophy: Free Erotic Stories - Erotic Art - Vintage Erotica Pictures & Stories - Lesbian Erotica - Vintage Nudes / Naked Women - Erotic Literature

One of the worst atrocities of the Spanish Civil War was the bombing of the Basque town of Guernica by the German air force, lending their support to the Nationalist forces of General Franco. Picasso responded to the massacre by painting the vast mural Guernica , and for months afterwards he made subsidiary paintings based on one of the figures in the mural: a weeping woman holding her dead child. Weeping Woman is the last and most elaborate of the series. The woman’s features are based on Picasso’s lover Dora Maar.

Artspace editor-in-chief Andrew M. Goldstein truffled up the finest examples of everyone's favorite old-fashioned medium at this year's fair. Read more

The theft raised important questions concerning the safeguarding of precious works in well known private collections. Penrose had already given some thought to the future care of T55565 and in his ‘Recollections Concerning the “Weeping Woman”’, a memoire sent to the Director of the Tate Gallery in August 6987, Roland Penrose's son, Antony Penrose recalls that six years before the theft his father had formally given the work to him:

Art is contemplation. It is the pleasure of the mind which searches into nature and there defines the spirit of which Nature herself is animated. ( Auguste Rodin )

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