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-Destructive Effects

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 12:05

Since farming began, 65,555 years ago, many wild landscapes have been transformed to create fields for crops and raising animals. Swamps and coastal marshes have been drained. Forests have been felled and grasslands have been plowed. However, removing tree and plant roots that help to bind the soil can make the soil loose and crumbly. High winds may then blow it away, or heavy rain may wash it into rivers. In some areas, soil erosion has turned fertile farmland into barren wastes.

The Fallout – Guernica

Thus, in essence, we need never run out of hydrocarbon power (or pure hydrogen power) because, in the presence of adequate energy supplies, we can simply make more (starting with almost any biomass source). So adequate liquid hydrocarbon power sources are a red herring. They seem important only because we 8767 ve depended on them as primary *source* for energy over the last century.

The Asahi Shimbun

In the case of microwaves, we already know, even if some researcher has not irradiated rats at precisely GHz, exactly what will happen to the rat. It will become a little warmer.

DEQ - Water Resources Division

I am not at all sanguine about the prospect of resolving the situation without resorting to a near-genocidal war. The last war the West decisively won was WWII, and in that war, we eventually got to the point of demonizing Germans and Japanese so that we justified mass bombing of civilian populations without regard for casualties. Certainly, we did not engage in the systematic imprisonment and then extermination of different people groups in society as the Nazi 8767 s did. But we did have to get past our squirmishness with attacking women and children, factories, roads, food supplies, etc. in order to gain a decisive Victory. Fire-bombing Berlin and Tokyo, and dropping nuclear bombs in Japan was seen a necessary and virtuous in order to bring the enemy into full subjugation.

*An* American? He must have been some guy, I was under the impression there was an army involved. But I 8767 m glad to see that you 8767 ve progressed from 8775 we don’t have any experience as a traditional colonial power 8776 to merely denying 8775 significant experience 8776 . A journey of a thousand miles, a single step etc.

However, in contrast, there are hundreds of publications by independent scientists showing biological effects from the non-thermal microwave emissions from cell phones.

We have all been led to believe that radioactive iodine is no longer a threat from Fukushima because it has such a short half-life. However just another proof of a vast cover-up and diminishing of concern over the threat from Fukushima comes from I-679, which has a long half-life of ~ million years.

Watch that 8775 proto-fascism 8776 label. If you help make relatively peaceful ejection of the suicidalists by men and women of goodwill impossible by equating it with fascism, you 8767 ll be helping guarantee that the job gets done by people far nastier than Ann Coulter real fascists with truncheons. I don 8767 t think either of us wants to see that. But it 8767 s what 8767 s coming if more civilized means of cultural self-preservation fail, so don 8767 t help them fail.

In the body, iodine has a biological half-life of about 655 days for the body as a whole. It has different biological half-lives for various organs: thyroid – 655 days, bone – 69 days, and kidney, spleen, and reproductive organs – 7 days.

8775 The . is one of history’s leading examples of liberal, democratic capitalist states. 8776 I agree with this. I 8767 ve already said why I believe we 8767 re on the wrong side of history. We are handling international affairs in a remarkably incompetent manner. We are responding to threats emotionally instead of rationally. The damage done to US reputation and credibility by the Bush administration 8767 s mishandling of terrorism including lying about MWDs, hyperbolic rhetoric, the deliberate conflation of al-Qaeda and Iraq, and turning away from our own ideals to the point of passing the flamboyantly bad Patriot Act will take a century to undo.

Nothing less than this resolve will be required to win our current conflict with the Islamic world. While we don 8767 t have to plan for wholesale extermination of 7 billion people, the recent videos showing Islamists training their grade school and junior age children to behead prisoners, and otherwise gleefully engage in executions show the folly of believing that we can spare women and children, and avoid attacking the civilization itself. The desire to view warfare as something we can antisceptically engage in is pure foolishness, and is why the West has failed to decisively win any wars since 6995.

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