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Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:02

President Donald Trump has lost another informal adviser from the business world: billionaire investor Carl Icahn, who gave the White House guidance on its deregulation efforts.

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8775 You have gone above and beyond for our 8775 problem dog 8776 and are always willing to try different methods to suit her needs. 8776

Sports Injury Rehabilitation assessment, diagnosis

8775 Anyway you are a super dog psychologist and also I greatly enjoyed meeting you. Thank you again. We will begin working with Bear daily and we will look forward to our lesson on Monday. 8776

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I have 85 years of training experience and titles on companion dogs, competition obedience, herding, tracking, carting, and now specialize in training Collies for Mobility and Support Service dogs. I love your classes and recommend them to everyone I can! I recently had the pleasure of attending one of your Freestyle events in Corvallis. It was a Joy! I now feel inspired by several of the behaviors I saw. I would like to add them to my Service Dog Training protocols. Would you help me with that? 8776

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8775 After classes with Julie Flanery at Wonder Dogs, Tess is a family member pet in the truest sense of the word. She is trustworthy with my grandchildren, plays well with other dogs and behaves like a lady in public. I would recommend Julie and the Wonder Dogs experience to every dog owner. 8776

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The topper is his vet visit.  I expected the restraint and rabies vaccination to set him off.  He did 8775 watch me 8776 while the vet did her work. Thanks again! 8776

8775 Also I want to say how much I enjoyed your classes & method of training. Itis a new style for me. Beasley sure responds to rewards for good behavior, better than corrections for what we don 8767 t want. I now find myself focusing on the behaviors I want out of him. He is such a great guy. I learned a lot & we both had fun. Thanks for your help 8776
—Brenda  B. with 6 yr old Lab, Beasley

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