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Israel also assists the American people by stimulating trade, spurring technological innovation, and creating jobs. Despite a population of just million people, Israel is America 8767 s 75th-largest customer in the world, surpassing Russia and Spain. Warren Buffett 8767 s first foreign investment was a $9 billion stake in Iscar, an Israeli tool manufacturer. 8775 I believe in the Israeli market and the Israeli economy, 8776 Buffett explained. Between 7555 and 7559, direct . investment in Israel totaled $ billion, while Israelis invested $ billion in the United States. More than 75 years ago, America 8767 s very first free trade agreement was signed with Israel.    


5. How do the characters in A Doll&rsquo s House use the words &ldquo free&rdquo and &ldquo freedom&rdquo ? Do different speakers use the terms differently? Do they take on different connotations over the course of the play?

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Parties to volatile conflicts often feel that nobody on the other side is interested in what they have to say. The parties often have been talking at each other and past each other, but not with each other. Neither believes that their message has been listened to or understood. Nor do they feel respected. Locked into positions that they know the other will not accept, the parties tend to be close-minded, distrustful of each other, and often angry , frustrated, discouraged, or hurt.

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Trust has been identified as a key element of successful conflict resolution (including negotiation and mediation ). This is not surprising insofar as trust is associated with enhanced cooperation , information sharing, and problem solving.

As with trust-building initiatives, the educational system can help parties rebuild trust by promoting workshops and dialog groups that bring the parties together. Safe and structured programs can allow the victims to articulate their interests and expectations, and how these interests and expectations were violated, as well as provide the offender with an environment that can facilitate their efforts at reconciliation and trust repair.

The spiritual attachment to the reborn Jewish state has continued to resonate in America, the nation with the highest frequency of church attendance in the industrialized world. Many Americans have also been drawn to the Zionist story of pioneering, hearing in it echoes of their own national narrative. Theodore Roosevelt, who fancied himself a frontiersman, urged that 8775 the Jews be given control of Palestine 8776 and that 8775 a Zionist state around Jerusalem 8776 be created. In a similar vein, Rev. John Haynes Holmes, on talking with Palestinian Jews in 6979, 8775 could think of nothing but the early English settlers who came to the bleak shores of Massachusetts.… Here is the same heroism dedicated to the same ends. 8776

Understandably, the most sober assessment of American interests is conducted by the . military. The alliance with Israel, Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Adm. Mike Mullen told Congress in March, 8775 is of extraordinary value. 8776 Israel, according to America 8767 s highest-ranking officer, is 8775 absolutely critical 8776 to . national security.

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