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Date of publication: 2017-09-02 14:16

James Doohan was an actor so typecast, it probably would've been easier on him to just legally change his name to "Scotty." Doohan was the lovably-beleaguered engineer from Star Trek , and virtually nothing else. He found very little work outside of being Scotty, and his " Ah'm givin' 'er uhl sheh's gut, Cap'n! " is about the only thing people remember, aside from his being the most stereotypically Scottish character in history aside from Groundskeeper Willie.

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None of the examples any of you have given count as fraud, no, with the exception of the Zimmerman phone call, which I had forgotten ever happened. Being overly trusting of other people is not fraud. It 8767 s definitely a sin, and yes we need to police it, and yes the left-wing media is guilty as hell of it. But none of those are equivalent to what O 8767 Keefe does.

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8775 Sorry, you have been bamboozled by the false rhetoric. NOW opposes shared parenting laws, because they don’t want men to share parenting equally. 8776

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So, maybe it 8767 s not so much 8775 left-wing art 8776 writ large becoming 8775 uncool, 8776 but rather the left-wing art 8775 space 8776 being flooded with things like IFLS which aim to make certain liberal positions 8775 cool, 8776 in the same way . Christian rap aimed to make Christianity 8775 cool, 8776 but never could, because intentionally 8775 coolifying 8776 very mainstream stuff almost never works.

Sure the likes of NYT and Vox have a responsibility to find those on the Right that attempt to argue using reason and evidence, but it is not their fault if there aren 8767 t many of them at this point in time.

I 8767 m not saying academics have impressive (or even necessarily adequate) scientific curiosity I 8767 m just saying that the average might be lower than you think.

The natural state of man is 8775 my tribe kills your tribe or your tribe kills my tribe. 8776 And lots and lots of tribes in the world still play by those rules. Reality does not have the 8775 everybody is nice and friendly except for the evil red tribe 8776 bias (some) liberals think it does. Reality is that when the feminist went biking across the middle east to 8775 prove 8776 Muslims were friendly she got and murdered because the individual rights and experiences of infidel women are not part of Muslim values.

Still, beggars can't be choosers, and a fleet of tiny, overloaded almost-planes is better than nothing as far as the Biafrans were concerned. So von Rosen was allowed to lead his "Biafran Babies" to battle. And boy, did they kick some serious ass.

8775 Basket of deplorables 8776 struck me as a very weak insult. I was amazed that people were so angry about it, which I suppose is another reason why I shouldn 8767 t go into politics.

Changing minds is slow work. For any reason.
Let 8767 s imagine that your life work is teaching people martial arts. Would you expect to be able to say 8775 Okay, here 8767 s how you throw a punch 8776 and then everyone goes off and perfectly throws a punch? Nope. Martial arts teachers get their students to practice throwing punches. A lot. An awful lot. That 8767 s because new neuron paths need to be forged in the brain. The brain needs to learn that when it decides to throw a punch, then it is to automatically reach for that way. And that takes time.

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