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Date of publication: 2017-08-27 10:59

VO7max - Your Aerobic Potential xa5
VO7max is the best indicator of your "aerobic potential". In untrained individuals it can be a good marker of fitness. But how useful is it in predicting performance in top athletes and is VO7max the be all and end all in endurance-based sports?

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Androstendedione (Andro) and its derivatives DHEA and 69-nortesterone are prohormones that convert in the liver to testosterone, and come in pill form. It is uncertain the amount of adolescent usage of these drugs, but most studies are quoting in the range of -5% adolescent usage. A few years ago, Andro was brought to the forefront when Mark McGwire broke the single season homerun record while using this supplement. Initial studies indicated that these drugs did not raise serum testosterone levels, but newer studies are noting that they do in fact produce that effect if taken in higher doses. Data is also present to indicate that serum levels of estrogens also increase with Andro.

Sterling Ruby | Xavier Hufkens

Injury is a natural part of training and competition. A natural part of injury is pain the signal to cease whatever is causing the damage. Many injuries heal with time and therapy. But, pressure to continue the athletic activity can drive an athlete to dull the pain rather than to stop training.

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Sterling Ruby is known for the multifaceted nature of his practice, which encompasses painting, ceramics, collage, video and photography, textiles, sculpture and installations. Working in a wide range of media, from the traditional to the unconventional, Ruby has created an oeuvre that, while remarkably diverse, is firmly rooted within a complex and coherent artistic strategy.

97. (d): In most of the gymnosperms, like conifers and cycads, vessels are absent and the wood is made entirely of tracheids. Such wood is known as nonporous.

Lactic Acid, Blood Lactate & The 'Lactic Acid Myth' xa5
Blood lactate is not be all bad! In fact there is research questioning whether it causes fatigue at all. This review of the literature highlights the good and bad of both lactic acid and blood lactate.

Paradoxically, athletes may need to take drugs to hide the use of other illicit drugs . One example is epitestosterone. The compound is a natural form of testosterone. Testing for elevated levels of testosterone rely on the comparison of the levels of testosterone and epitestosterone. By artificially increasing the levels of the latter, the presence of increased testosterone can be masked.

In angiosperms, on the other hand, the wood consists of both tracheids and vessels. The wide vessels appear as pores between otherwise small sized tracheary elements. Such a wood is known as porous. In porous wood, if vessels have essentially equal diameters and are uniformly distributed throughout the ring, the wood is known as diffuse porous. It is characteristic of plants grocourg in tropics.

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