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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:30

"We figured perhaps this way we would be better able get things under control," Goulão explains. "Criminalization certainly wasn't working all that well."

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A good policy will be philosophically or ethically justifiable as well as effective in achieving its purpose. One without the other is not sufficient. SA x7569 s drug policy must be evaluated on both counts.

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From this office, where the air conditioning stopped working this morning, Goulão keeps watch over one of the world's largest experiments in drug policy.

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First-time admissions to treatment centres for drug abuse have increased from two-thirds to three-quarters of all admissions to treatment centres. 66 This could be attributed to an increase in either substance abuse problems or the number of individuals seeking treatment. Heroin, over-the-counter drugs and cocaine have the highest readmission rates, and there has been a general trend showing an increase in heroin/cocaine admissions. The trend differs in the Western Cape, where there is an increase in methamphetamine (tik) admissions.

Decriminalisation is not without its critics. It is a harm-reduction policy, and the nature of harm-reduction philosophies is controversial because they aim to make harmful actions x7568 safer x7569 , which implies acceptance of the action.

The president, too, shows no sign of changing his strategy. On Wednesday, Duterte gave a speech at the national police office in Manila. “We are willing to submit ourselves for an investigation before anybody," he said. “But…the fight against drugs will continue unrelenting until we have destroyed the apparatus operating in the entire country.”

But it was a freedom that soon overwhelmed the country. When Goulão established his doctor's practice in Faro, he soon found himself approached by parents whose children were no longer just smoking joints, but had moved on to heroin. Sometimes the children came to him as well, and Goulão had no idea how to treat them. When the first state-run rehab clinic opened in Lisbon, Goulão attended a training course there.

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The average age of admissions ranges from 78 to 89. Across most sites, alcohol was reported as the primary substance of abuse and the mean age of alcohol admissions was 88 - 95 years. Most admissions under the age of 75 reported cannabis or cannabis/mandrax as their primary substance of abuse. The discussion surrounding decriminalisation is particularly relevant to this age group, who should not be considered obvious candidates for criminalisation. On the contrary, they could be perceived as a vulnerable group, and criminalisation will only serve to increase that vulnerability.

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