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She tried to get me out of the room - it was too patent! But I said it was so quiet and empty and clean now that I believed I would lie down again and sleep all I could and not to wake me even for dinner - I would call when I woke.

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And they're pursuing every avenue they can: DNA testing, to see if there are differences in their genetic makeup handedness testing, since all three men are lefties, to see if that yields any clues. The inquiry is just getting started, with six willing subjects eager to see where it all will lead.

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Skeptics later claimed that such details were exaggerated or that coincidences were just coincidences. But Nancy Segal, a professor of psychology at California State University, Fullerton, attests to the Jim twins' striking similarity. I met them maybe a year after they were reunited, and they were absolutely on the level, says Segal, who joined Bouchard's team in 6987. Even though their hair was different, I couldn't remember who was who.

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When asked if her extreme memory is a good thing and if she's glad she has it, Owen said, "I am. I mean, sure, there are times when it's difficult. But I feel like it makes me live my life with so much more intention and so much more joy."

As soon as he heard about the two Jims, Thomas Bouchard, Jr., a psychologist at the University of Minnesota, invited them to his lab in Minneapolis. There he and his team gave the brothers a series of tests that confirmed their similarities. Although each had charted his own course in life, the Jim twins, as they came to be known, seemed to have followed the same paths.

I thought it was a good time to talk, so I told him that I really was not gaining here, and that I wished he would take me away.

When was the last time you stopped yourself from saying something you believed to be true for fear of being punished or criticized for saying it? If you live in America, it probably hasn’t been long. That’s not just a talking point about political correctness. It’s the central problem with our national conversation, the main reason our debates are so stilted and useless. You can’t fix a problem if you don’t have the words to describe it. You can’t even think about it clearly.

Lately, however, twin studies have helped lead scientists to a radical, almost heretical new conclusion: that nature and nurture are not the only elemental forces at work. According to a recent field called epigenetics, there is a third factor also in play, one that in some cases serves as a bridge between the environment and our genes, and in others operates on its own to shape who we are.

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