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Heart Disease: Definition, Causes, Research - Health News

Date of publication: 2017-08-30 20:48

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Position Statement 35: Aging Well: Wellness and

Although used interchangeably, health and wellness have slightly differing meanings. Health is a term mainly associated with the medical world that describes the mental and physical state of an individual. Health usually denotes the absence of abnormality or disease. On the other hand, wellness is the overall procedure of maintaining the common state of good health. Wellness includes conscious decisions made by individuals while health basically describes an individual’s condition. However, the two terms are combined to express the pursuit of general mental, physical, emotional, and physical health. The term is frequently used in a variety of perspectives, aimed at upholding better lifestyles.

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MHA urges that the budget discussions of all levels of government recognize the emerging needs of older people with mental health and substance use conditions, including cognitive health as a part of mental health. Innovative programs will be required to maintain and increase wellness as the American population goes through dramatic demographic change, and, “there is no health without mental health.” This issue should emerge as a major focus of health care reform implementation under the Affordable Care Act, to contain costs and encourage wellness by promoting “aging well.”

Similarly, researcher/clinicians like the once-controversial Peter Whitehouse have begun treating dementia and cognitive impairment on a continuum, and used a positive aging model as a way to respond. [79] Quality of life and the interventions to preserve and restore it differ by individual more than by diagnosis. The most demonstrated improvement is with psychosocial, rehabilitative approaches. In this view, “dysfunction and disability are more important than precise diagnosis quality of life trumps cognitive enhancement community engagement is key and population health perspectives gain influence over individual health.” [75]

Also known as congestive heart failure. The heart does not pump blood around the body efficiently. The left or right side of the body might be affected sometimes both sides are. Coronary artery disease or hypertension ( high blood pressure ) can over time leave the heart too stiff or weak to fill and pump properly.

It is hard for the heart to pump blood from the right ventricle into the pulmonary article because the pulmonary valve is too tight the right ventricle has to do more work to overcome the obstruction. A baby with severe stenosis can become cyanotic (turn blue). Older kids generally have no symptoms. If pressure in the right ventricle is too high treatment is required. Balloon valvuloplasty or open heart surgery may be needed if there is an obstruction.

This situation requires a little explanation. The FDA reviews drugs for efficacy and safety and approves drugs for specific conditions. These are the labeled indications. The FDA does not regulate or monitor physicians, who are governed only by state licensure and civil malpractice. Clinicians with appropriate state licensure may prescribe any drug approved by the FDA for any purpose for any other condition that they believe warrants using the drug, without regard to the FDA label. This is called “off-label use.” In recent years, drug companies have been more assertive in marketing drugs. They have sometimes promoted off-label use, as illustrated by the following cautionary tale:

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