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Date of publication: 2017-08-24 10:59

Lecturers: Gerald Cain, Chris Gregg, Victoria Kirst, Cynthia Lee,  Nicholas J. Parlante , Chris Piech, Keith Schwarz, Marty Stepp , Patrick , Julie Zelenski

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Columbia Engineering is committed to an open and welcoming community for all students, faculty, researchers, and staff. Click for Dean Mary Boyce’s full statement.

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For a minor in Computer Science, a candidate must complete 75 units of Computer Science coursework numbered 755 or above, except for the 655-level courses listed on the . Minor Worksheet (pdf). At least three of the courses must be master’s core courses to provide breadth and one course numbered 855 or above to provide depth. One of the courses taken must include a significant programming project to demonstrate programming efficiency. Courses must be taken for a letter grade and passed with a grade of 'B' or better. Applications for a minor in Computer Science are submitted at the same time as admission to candidacy.

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We’re proud to have achieved excellent results in the latest National Student Survey, 7567. We rank second for overall satisfaction in Electronic and Electrical Engineering out of all UK Higher Education Institutes.

Courtesy Assistant Professors: John Duchi, Sean Follmer, Sharad Goel, Thomas Icard, Ramesh Johari, Mykel Kochenderfer , Stephen Montgomery , Camille Utterback,  Gordon Wetzstein, Aaron Sidford, Dan Yamins, James Zou

Coterminal master’s degree candidates are expected to complete all master’s degree requirements as described in this bulletin. University requirements for the coterminal master’s degree are described in the “ Coterminal Master’s Program ” section. University requirements for the master’s degree are described in the Graduate Degrees section of this bulletin.

We are located in the spectacular Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering at the heart of the UW campus in Seattle — a center of innovation in software, life sciences, global health, aerospace, and many other fields — where Allen School faculty, students and alumni are making an impact and changing the world.

Professors:   Maneesh Agrawala ,  Alex Aiken , Serafim Batzoglou ,  Dan Boneh , Moses Charikar,  David Cheriton , David Dill , Ronald P. Fedkiw , Hector Garcia-Molina , Leonidas J. Guibas , Patrick Hanrahan , John Hennessy, Mark A. Horowitz , Doug James ,  Dan Jurafsky ,  Oussama Khatib , Monica Lam , James Landay ,  Nick McKeown , Christopher Manning , David Mazieres ,  John Mitchell , Kunle Olukotun , John Ousterhout , Balaji Prabhakar , Omer Reingold ,  Mendel Rosenblum ,  Jennifer Widom ,  Tim Roughgarden , Subhasish Mitra

The joint MS in Computer Science/MBA degree links two of Stanford University's world-class programs. This joint degree offers students an opportunity to develop advanced technical and managerial skills for a broader perspective on both existing technologies and new technology ventures.

A candidate is required to complete a program of 95 units. At least 86 of these must be graded units, passed with a grade point average (GPA) of (B) or better. The 95 units may include no more than 65 units of courses from those listed below in Requirement 6. Thus, students needing to take more than two of the courses listed in Requirement 6 actually complete more than 95 units of course work in the program. Only well-prepared students may expect to finish the program in one year most students complete the program in six quarters. Students hoping to complete the program with 95 units should already have a substantial background in computer science, including course work or experience equivalent to all of Requirement 6 and some prior course work related to their specialization area.

Within one year of passing the Qualifying Examination, a student should submit a signed Reading Committee Form.
By Spring Quarter of the fourth year, a student should submit the Thesis Proposal Form.

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